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About Record Fairs



About Record Fairs

Criminal Records are well established and have been running record fairs for several years.


We now have 3 regular venues


Bankfield Mercure Hotel in Bingley

Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane Leeds

The Queens Hotel in Leeds


The Fairs are held throughout the year and attract dealers from across the country.


At the fairs you will find tens of thousands of records, CD’s and music DVD’s, along with books and other memorabilia. There are hundreds of highly collectable rare records from the last 50 years, and thousands of cheap bargains which are unobtainable in high street music stores today


Amongst the CD’s will be rare recordings which can not be easily obtained elsewhere as well as classic albums at bargain prices.


Record Fairs cater for areas that the high street multiples are not interested in.

At these fairs you will find genre’s like Psych, Prog, Folk, Jazz, Punk, Rock & Roll, Blues, and Psycobilly etc far more obtainable than on the High Street.

We’re not saying that you’ll find every obscure record or CD at you first visit but often the fun is in the hunt and who knows what other items you might find which you were not originally looking for.


Another advantage Music Fairs have for the purchase of second hand items over venues such as eBay is the ability to check the condition of rare items without having to rely on possibly inaccurate descriptions provided